About the company

To be a specialist in ecological, environmentally responsible and sustainable buildings.

The building sector is constantly evolving as NOVO Climate 2.0, passive solar, hyper isolated LEED, means that we are engaged in continuous training so that each client is happy to have done business with AGI.

We bring a variety of expertise and advice to every inspection. Our experts have a proven experience.

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Building Inspector

Our priority

Security, an essential point

Solid experience

Traditional building, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Do the right thing at the right time.

Figures and highlights

Currently 6 out of 10 buyers go through a home inspector before closing their homes. That’s why we offer personalized services to every customer in our four main markets – pre-purchase inspection, pre-sales inspection, preventive inspection and pre-delivery inspection. Our extensive experience as a building inspector, in addition to our strong expertise, allows us to manage complex projects for clients across Quebec.

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Some comments about Avant-Gardiste Inspection.
I was amazed at the quality of the inspection. I like building more and more each day because it has made my life easier and much less stressful with our first purchase. Thank you !

Doris Francoeur

Your business is really honest because it is not influenced by the broker for his commission. Congratulations on your integrity!

Grégory Davidson

You are top guys! Thank you for making it so simple, enjoyable and above all hassle this inspection! I am really satisfied!

Denise Murphy

Keep up the good work. Thank you very much for your home inspection. It's just very appreciated!

Ronald Beaulieu