Our services

Being the best in our field means that we are engaged in every project. Pre-purchase, pre-sale, preventive and pre-delivery inspection.

Pre-purchase inspection

The inspection of a building is essential, it aims primarily to give you the general state of the building, it aims to detect the various apparent defects, problematic points, hidden defects indices and thus guide you in your decision-making with a better knowledge of the building for which each transaction should be protected by a pre-purchase inspection.

Presale inspection

The presale inspection gives you the main objective of obtaining the best price for your building, to sell quickly without negotiating a long time once the deficiencies found, solved or modified. In addition, everything that you declare to your future buyer of your property becomes his responsibility and not yours. You are therefore protected from possible hassles or litigation by anything that can be observed during this inspection.

Preventive inspection

This type of inspection is a tool for planning the maintenance work to be done. You will be able to establish your list of priorities for improvements, repairs, equipment replacements, expansion or overall maintenance of your home.

Pre-delivery inspection

The pre-delivery inspection takes place when you buy a new house. Do not hesitate to contact us to ensure compliance with the National Building Codes and the current warranty plan. In addition, you are entitled to require a construction follow-up to verify if there is any anomaly before taking possession.