Personal safety is an essential part of the inspector’s work and his conclusions must also be included in his expert report.

It will have to check the non-dangerousness of certain elements that are internal or external to the property such as ramps, balustrades, landings, stairs, supports, lifts … but also other security points whose presence of evacuation issues or compliance with standards for access to pools and ponds. The expert will examine the fire safety and the conformity of the installations (fire separation in the attics, insulating materials around chimneys, presence or absence of fire and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.).


Previously ...

26 years of experience leading work teams including 12 years owner of a renovation and cleaning company.

A.S.P. Construction since 1989 ...

Allows you to work safely on all construction sites. More than 160 hours of training only for health and safety on all construction sites. Allow to identify and know most dangerous products. Also allow for first aid before paramedics arrive and use defibrillator as needed.

Competent inspector is ...

Qualified as Competent Inspector Fall protection systems given by SPI Health Safety Blainville qualify to supervise and inspect any type of harness or safety cordon.

First aid, security before all ...

Workplace Rescuer and AED renew every 3 years since 1987. Allow first aid before arrival of paramedics and use defibrillator as needed.

Collegial inspection technique

Collegial building inspection technique at the André Grasset Institute which allows the inspection of residences, condominiums, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, condominiums, plexes, and all buildings up to 3 storeys high.

Did you know that ...

Only 86 homes that are 100% self-contained are currently listed in Quebec.

Certificate in ecological building design

Certificat en design de bâtiment écologique et serre d’abondance d’une durée de 4 mois de L’Académie ADAPT. Cela permet de découvrir tous les principes dus :

  • Passive solar (thermal mass, orientation of the residence, super insulation, waterproofing, bio climatic heating).
  • Choice of materials (healthy without volatile organic compound or VOC, ecological, sustainable, efficient, affordable).
  • Food autonomy (greenhouse of abundance, permaculture, feeding forest, edible development, vegetable garden near the house, aquaponics).
  • Edible water (municipal, well or rainwater catchment). Manage black water (septic tank, composting toilet).
  • Manage the gray water (warm the greenhouse or the water supply before the water heater).
  • Energy autonomy (solar panels without battery with hydro) or (solar panels with battery and with hydro) or (solar panels with battery without hydro).

SPI Training

Confined space training given by SPI Santé Sécurité de Blainville. Qualify to work, clean or take a person out of trouble in a closed space.


Dangerous Goods Transport Certificate (WHMIS) renew every 2 years. Allows you to identify dangerous products, handle them, store them, dispose of them, and collect spills safely.

Starting a business

Training with SAJE, coach of entrepreneurs. (Preparation business plan in 13 weeks full time). Business and Training, Computer Tools, Business Plan Structure, Marketing and Sales, Resource Planning.

Member of association ...

Member of the Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ). Member of the International Association of Certified Real Estate Inspectors. Member of the Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec. Member with Ecohabitation. Member with the MRC de Deux-Montagnes Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Member with ADAPT Academy. N.B. the different continuing education is done by these different associations.

Error and omission insurance

Errors and Omissions Occupational Insurance Certificate of $ 2,000,000 per claim and general liability of $ 1,000,000 per claim. Proof in support if requested.

Collective municipal inspection technique

Completes a collegial technique in municipal inspection in building and environment with the Cégep de Matane.


Qualitative Trainer by Honeywell Safety Products. (NORTH) On facial breathing systems such as half-masks, full face masks and hoods assist with a battery.

Diplome, certification and attestation

College diploma in building inspection, NOVO climate 2.0 certification- House and small multi-unit building, certification in green building desing, residential inspector certification, competent inspector certification, traditional home inspector certification, ethical code certification, North certification by Honeywell, eco-building certification for pros (LEED), closed-space certification, certificate of professional specialization in launching a company, attestation SPA construction, certification Cardiosecours / DEA / SA, transport certification of dangerous goods, certificate good practice for pro, certification driver, passive house certification hyper performance, certification of insurance error and omission.